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Tips To Prevent Mosquito Bites

Are you looking for a method to repel mosquitoes from your home? Experts suggest that there are preventive measures that can help you do away with these creepy tiny creatures. This article will give simple tips to chase mosquitoes away. As we know, mosquitoes spread diseases, apply the tips to make sure that you and your loved ones are free and safe from diseases spread by mosquitoes.

How to repel mosquitoes

Destroy all mosquito habitats

Drain all stagnant water in rain gutters, old tires, toys, buckets and any other containers. Such water provides a breeding area for the insect. Also, change the water in wading pools, fountain baths, potted plants and rain barrels weekly. It helps destroy any mosquito eggs and habitats too. If you have other pools in your garden, drain and fill them with soil or dirt. Make sure that your swimming pool is properly cleaned and treated with the right chemicals.


To control the larvae of mosquitos, the right methods must be used. Experts suggest that you use the best insecticides to do away with adult mosquitos.

Use structural barriers

Cover any gaps on your windows, walls or doors. This is a great way to preventing the bugs from entering your house. They are tiny hence can use any small opening to make its way in. Also, window and door screens must be working properly. Make sure that everybody in the house sleeps under a treated mosquito net. All the above are termed as structural barriers.

Cover your skin

Try to cover your skin by all means. Mosquitoes will land on your uncovered skin areas. Cover yourself with socks, long-sleeved shirts, and long pants. If you have any gaps on your clothes, you can tuck in the shirt or whatever you wear on top. The tiny insects will find a way to suck your blood even through those tiny gaps. In you are living in an area affected by mosquito-borne diseases, try to stay in the house at night.

Insect repellants

This is another good way of keeping mosquitoes away. But make sure that EPA registers the repellent you want to use. Like any other medication read and understand the precaution and directions written on the cover. Apart from the repellent put on head nets, long sleeves, and long pants before entering a place filled with the bugs.…